At all locations we are operating our mining and processing plant we establish a basic Health and Medical Centre to be able obtain adequate aid in case of any health trouble for our workers, Technicians and management. Of course those facilities are not on the level of regular hospital, but are serving instantly for workers family members and villagers and nearby locations.
Those services include medical equipment and drug supplies and are under ourventure partner Biosolution LTD . Management.
Health Services for pregnant women provide our partner for a social assistance, the organization Voice of Africa Foundation.

We are not farmers, but we understand most of our workers and technicians are from farmers families and most of communities we help them to turn to prosperous mining are farmers by origin. After the sources will be exhausted, the land re-cultivated and workers will try to set up a new farming, they will need help. Whoever gives up farming forever is not realistic. We need prosperous farmers around our facilities even now as we have to take care about daily food for lot of people inside and around our operations. Our marketing management is supporting farmers with seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, equipments, tools and machinery in turn we have access to large sources of production which times to times need our help to market them properly.

In cooperation with Karatbars international we support the Voice of Africa
Foundation and this is our main partner in the field of social assistance.
The mission of the foundation is to empower impoverished women and youth to improve their communities sustainability through the use of innovative and cutting edge information and communication technology and fair trade income generation.. The vision of the foundation is to live In a just world without abject poverty. To this end, we will foster sustainable development in sub Sahara through information empowerment and fair trade. Voices of Africa Foundation and its major projects can be found on

The work of Foundation can directly be support here. Thank you.