All goods we export from the countries of origin we provide with full export documentations . The usual term for full export documentation takes 4-5days.We do not let any stranger touch our goods till end up to the final destination. Materials are certified by MM Laboratories, exported by our companies and secured by our security squad.

For some exceptional occasions mostly on our client requests we use Malca Amit or Brinks Agencies for transportation and G4S for security.

Export from port of loading is secured by our arrangements with Sea Port Authorities , Export using Airfreight is arranged by valuable Cargo Department Officers at the International Air port and secured by our licensed inspectors.

Ministries and their authorized and licensed agencies always manage all documents without over handling our cargo to any custody.

For import and export in UAE, our venture partner IGT LLC is appointed to contract and manage all issues for processing and smooth export to final destination.

Our management and security squad presence make processes always transparent to our clients agents and us. Processes are made always by our management and security squad presence.