About Us

About our Company

Gold Eagle Africa is a reputable international investments fully registered under Kenyan investment Authority governed by the trademarks ACT Cap 486 of 1964. We are located in Nairobi (Republic of Kenya).




Gold Eagle Africa establish and operate as international Intermediary Corporation between Governments of Africa countries such as Republic of Congo, Tanzania and others. We have the capacity to supply rough diamond stones, raw gold and copper cathodes from different African regions. We are commission agents who have the capacity to take you direct to the mines, for you to negotiate with either Government or private companies.

Our company is oriented to geology applications in mining sector in Sub Sahara part of Africa Continent.

Experience and our know-how we collect during the last 30 years. We provide full range of services to our clients and partners. Our management is based on highly skilled professionals. Most of our top managers are experts and European citizens. We employ highly educated and trustworthy local managers. In special case we, the best are even in managing positions. All our operations are based on direct connection to local mining and processing companies and individuals. All of them know us from the very bottom line when we provide them with start up or reinvestment services from survey, exploration and mining services to trading operations secured via Escrow Account in Nairobi Republic of Kenya.

Our client investors and partners are our families, the range of services are doors to doors secured by own special force to protect funds, property and life. Hope you will recognize us as valuable partner for your business soon. In case of any necessity contact us.

Our value

Is to provide the greatest value to our clients and to the consumers we serve.

Our vision

Is to supply our products and services that will meet the needs of changing and growing markets, and offer quality that directly adds to the profitability of our clients.

For well over half a century Gold Eagle Africa has set the highest standards, from the beginning, we have focused on the Key words: value and vision.

Over the years Gold Eagle Africa has established itself as a leader in the industry, today, we provide global services and support to our clients.

An organization is only as good as the people behind it. And the people behind Gold Eagle Africa, from manufacturing to management make the difference. We understand that your success is our success.

This investment is of international importance in four aspects, Economic, Social, Cultural and Political:

  1. Economic: The corporation boosts revenue creates employment and foreign trade investment.
  2. Social: It embraces unity of people from different walks of life, communication of different ideas and information.
  3. Cultural: Preserving, transmitting and promoting cultures and traditions of our people.
  4. Political: Providing the avenue for interrelationship, trades and investments, guidance and mutual benefits.

Special points

Gold Eagle Africa directs it’s clients to undertake all local clearings including documentation (KPCs, Government royalties, certificate of origin etc) to the buyer’s destinations. Since clients are our first priority, GEG delivers the consignments / parcels direct to our clients physical address or to their refinery accounts.
Only if the client needs us to help on that regard.We are commission agents who have the capacity to take you directly to the principle company / mines, for you to negotiate with either government or private companies. Gold Eagle Africa confirms 24 hours security while in the mines, like wise, before you place any order, you have to register your company with us.We have the honour to protect our good customers in any way possible from being cheated huge sums of money in African countries and scam.