Our company is oriented to geology applications in mining sector in Sub Sahara part
of Africa Continent.
Experience and our know-how we collect during the last 30 years. We provide full
range of services to our clients and partners. Our management is based on highly
skilled professionals. Most of our top managers are experts and European citizens.
We employ highly educated and trustworthy local managers. In special case we, the
best are even in managing positions. All our operations are based on direct
connection to local mining and processing companies and individuals. All of them
know us from the very bottom line when we provide them with start up or
reinvestment services from survey, exploration and mining services to trading
operations secured via Escrow Account in Nairobi Republic of Kenya.
Our client investors and partners are our families, the range of services are doors to
doors secured by own special force to protect funds, property and life. Hope you will
recognize us as valuable partner for your business soon. In case of any necessity
contact us