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Our Company in Brief

Our company is oriented to geology applications in mining sector in Sub Sahara part
of Africa Continent.
Experience and our know-how we collect during the last 30 years. We provide full
range of services to our clients and partners. Our management is based on highly
skilled professionals. Most of our top managers are experts and European citizens. READ MORE

Company Mission Statement

The mission of GEA is to create value for all of our stakeholders through responsible mining. Management strives to act as a responsible corporate citizen by building projects together with the communities near our operations and by committing to using best available techniques as we carry out our actions. We aim to achieve benefits for all parties involved and to contribute to the sustainability and improved livelihoods for the communities in which we operate. Mining responsibly defines who we are as a company and drives our way of doing business.An organization  is only as good as the people behind it and the people behind GEA from manufacturing to management make the difference .We understand that your success is our success.


One of our strategic pillars is to incorporate sustainability into its business by building economic, social and environmental legacies and mitigating the impacts of its operations. Therefore, we seek to build strong and lasting relationship with our stakeholders, invest in mitigating the effects of our activities, work with high ethical standards, have transparent management and actively contribute to advances related to the environment, biodiversity and sustainable development

Our services

Precious Metals , Minerals Mining,Processing and Trading Welcome!

We recognise the importance of developing our responsible mining practices for the benefit of our stakeholder group as a whole. We aim to operate through acting responsibly in relation to our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate is central to achieving our objectives.

Our sustainability practices are focused on those areas that are material to our business and operations, these being community relations, employees, environment, health and safety, and security and human rights.

Our Featured Mineral Trading Products

Gold Trading

All our operations are licenced for mining, Purchase and export for the countries of origin by the local legal and governmental authorities. We are Mining and purchasing Rough Gold in several localities in Western and Eastern Africa. Gold is purchased in several forms as sand, dust, nugget, bars and ingots.

Diamonds Trading

We source Rough Diamonds from several sub-Saharan countries for further cutting and polishing in our manufactories and facilities for our client. Our deliveries are made under Kimberly protocol terms and conditions by our licensed companies. Our gemologists are ready to examine and sort the rough stones according to the usual standards.

Copper Cathode Trading

We offer LME non-registered production of DRC and Zambia refineries under specific terms and conditions. Cathodes are sold including full range of services door to door and we can satisfy only limited sector of buyers as we are obligated to refineries to support them with the copper ore and finance their production.

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