Precious Metals &
Mineral Mining
Processing and Trading

Gold Eagle Africa is a reputable international investments
fully registered under Kenyan investment Authority governed by
the trademarks ACT Cap 486 of 1964. We are located in Nairobi
(Republic of Kenya).

Gold As An Investment

At Today’s price of about USD 1300 per ounce of Gold,
the value of the Gold in the World is about (9) nine trillion
dollars and that’s about $ 1300 per person in the planet!!
And this amount is only for the available mined and processed Gold.

Safety Services

For physical safety were are under protection by Maritime SVS Squad , for geopolitical risks management there are no real instrument except adequate behavior to avoid any conflict. Some times it does not help and we have to use another mode of safety services in cooperation with the Governmental Army troops or National Police Squads.


Our processing activities are limited to copper ore Concentration, Copper Blisters, Copper Anodes and copper cathodes processing and manufacturing, than rough Gold concentration. Rough Gold bar production, Gold Bullion and investments Gold bar production. Using several factories and refineries in DRC, Tanzania, Czech Republic and United Arab Emirates.

Transportation Solutions

Our customers entrust us to move their freight undamaged and on time every time. Premium servicecomm and spremium rates and at Gold Eagle Africa, we hire only the best professional drivers in the industry.

Refining Services

In special occasions, we provide our clients with refining services, but limited by installed and explored capacity of each refinery we are in partnership or under contract.

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Gold Bar / Gold Nuggets

Over the years, we have sold gold bar / nuggets to our regular customers all over the world.

Diamond Stones

We sell the best diamonds from the diamond mines in democratic republic of Congo.

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Gold Eagle Africa is a reputable international company.

    Copper Cathode

    Our copper is the best and deal in large scale copper cathode production.


    Gold Eagle Africa also deal with trading of tantalite ore and products.

    Gold Dust

    Over the years, we have sold gold dust/ nuggets to our regular customers all over the world.

    Gold Eagle Africa operates a number of specialised services focused on both managing risk and logistics in the precious metal supply chain and the trading of precious metals such as raw gold, rough diamonds and copper cathodes.This owner-operated company guarantees that every business deal, service and product with their name on, has integrity and excellence at its core. Motivated by a newfound objective – to become the largest independent buyer and seller of precious metals in Africa. GEA prides itself on efficient service, quick turnaround time and systems that ensure faultless and trustworthy measurements. Our business practices are shaped by consistency, accuracy and trust, and it’s because of this that we have a stellar reputation within the market. The GEA team deals with large and medium sized, mining associations, refineries as well as smaller jewelers on a daily basis, constantly pushing their knowledge and work ethic towards bigger and better. GEA team welcomes any company ,individual trader that wants to invest in or buy gold or precious metals to come and experience a professional, reliable and competent service offering

    All Featured Services

    Refining Services

    Refining Services

    Laboratory Services

    Laboratory Services

    Mining Projects

    Mining Projects

    Automated Shipment Updates

    Automated Shipment Updates

    Electronic Proof of Delivery

    Electronic Proof of Delivery

    Transportation Solutions

    Transportation Solutions

    Import And Export Services

    Import And Export Services

    Special Cargo Delivery

    Special Cargo Delivery

    Securirity & Safety Services

    Securirity & Safety Services

    Brief About Us

    Gold Eagle Africa


    Gold Eagle Africa was established in
    Nairobi ,Republic of Kenya in 2016 as a
    fully licensed precious metals trading
    company dealing in rough diamonds,
    gold and copper
    cathodes.Procuring rough diamonds and
    raw gold from 37 African mines in Namibia,

    republic of congo,Ghana,liberia,burkina
    Faso,benin,mali,sierra Leone and Guinea
    Conakry and with activities in sales
    ,sorting,valuing and diamond

    remap the world of African gold through  expansion of its
    activities in exploration, mining,
    processing and trading of precious

    OUR OBJECTIVE  is to normalise
    the gold industry in the countries that we
    operate in and thereby enrich the lives of our
    business partners, our suppliers and the host
    countries as a whole through job creation,
    increased mining efficiency and the eradication
    of the uses of hazardous chemicals in the final
    mining processes thereby fulfilling the
    commitment that we all have to a better future
    for our children.


    Price of Gold & Precious Metals Charts

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    Gold Eagle Africa provides real-time current gold prices per ounce, gram, and kilogram and more.

    Gold prices may be in the process of reversing prior downtrends, as persistent trade war concerns have brought about a renewed safe-haven status for the precious metals complex. This year, most financial news headlines have centered on the record highs which have been notched in the equities benchmarks. However, over-extended valuations in stocks and declining expectations for corporate earnings suggest that the market is likely focusing its attention in the wrong areas.

    Last week’s trading saw gold holding in an upside consolidation, with the metal forming its low in Monday’s session with the tag of the 1278.10 figure. From there, strength was seen into a Wednesday high of 1292.80 – before turning slightly lower off the same to end the week.

    Gold has been a part of the human story since the dawn of civilization. One part store of wealth, one part ornament, and one part modern technology, gold stands at the crossroads of multiple financial, religious, and industrial trends.

    First Office


    Apple Wood Park, Wood Avenue, Nairobi.



    Why Choose US

    We are Leaders in mineral sourcing, Processing, refining and trading of precious metals in Africa!!