In collaboration with MM Laboratories Solution Ltd our JV partners ,we are able to offer a full spectrum of smelting services to customers across the sub-saharan region.
We specialise in smelting gold through Electric Induction Furnace. This environmentally friendly technique enables us to convert large lots of gold and into grain, or smaller category bars of various sizes and purity levels. Our expertise allows us to convert gold according to the client’s request, while assuring the highest degree of quality and accuracy with the shortest turn around times at a very competitive premium .Gold is processed directly at MM Laboratory premises and whatever came into Lab never leave stronghold except in the case of export.All rough gold deliveries are melted and tested in whole amount of consignment .Bars are examined and marked ,saved in our strongholds and exported by our agents directly to refineries.We are currently using mobile or portable labs that offer full-scale assaying services on site and also established or permanent labs that use the traditional Fire assay method ,also known as the cupellation method to determine the concentration of gold.The technique uses Titration and Inductive Coupled Plasma or ICP to determine the purity of metals, with very high precision. X-ray Fluorescence is used to determine the elements present inside the alloys. ICP is also used to verify the purity of scrap gold that cannot be detected by fire assay due to influence of contamination group elements. It is also used to cross check the final product and results to determine chemical concentration and company waste chemical specifications for disposal or
reuse.Our services are open to anybody who want to be sure his goods are valuable as declared by its supply.To find more about our gold smelting and assaying services please contact us.