Security and Safety Services


Our operation requires a specific measure to take care of our funding, safe transportation, personal security assistance, valuable cargo deliveries, special safe keeping and handling at the International Airport.

Our security squad is recruited from former military and paramilitary troops knowing well their jobs. All the security issues are under maritime SVS Ltd, our JV partner management. All the details you may find at

Safety Services

For physical safety were are under protection by Maritime SVS Squad , for geopolitical risks management there are no real instrument except adequate behavior to avoid any conflict.

Some times it does not help and we have to use another mode of safety services in cooperation with the Governmental Army troops or National Police Squads. Some times it is even hard to recognize who is areal police Officer on the road, some times even rebels wear regular Army Uniforms and many times even the higher ranked Officers are rebel troops members or leaders. This all we have to recognize before we step in contrary position and be sure we know how to handle the crisis situation right the way.

There is not much to present, countries in Africa are mostly underdeveloped and citizens are upset watching their leaders making billions of dollars leaving own nation under pseudo-development that in fact means poverty.Some of them do not know us and have no experiences except they see we are moving around and definitely we have money to pay them and if not, they will find their own way hot to exchange their position with us.

Conflicts are everywhere even if the country’s statistics are positive. Our care is not to lose money, goods and life of course.

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