Gold Dust

Gold Dust

Over the years, we have sold gold dust/ nuggets to our regular customers all over the world.



Like anything else, gold nuggets come in different qualities. Many natural gold nuggets are simply small rounded chunks of gold without any real unique shape or character. This type is not worth much more than its melt values and you would expect to pay close to spot gold prices for this type of nugget. If you are buying gold simply for its melt value there are a lot of sellers who sell melt quality nuggets, but you will miss the collectible and investment value that high quality gold nuggets afford.

Next you have “jewelry and investment grade Gold Nuggets”, both small and large which generally command a much higher premium over spot gold prices. Jewelry and investment grade nuggets have been hand selected and are pleasantly shaped and clean and bright without mineral staining.

Jewelers use small gold nuggets for inlaying onto rings, necklaces, watches, bands etc and they use large gold nuggets to make pendants or necklaces by soldering a gold bezel onto the nugget and hanging it on a gold chain.

Jewelry grade nuggets are preferred by investors as they are in high demand from jewelers and collectors and therefore easier to resell at a premium.

All our operations are licenced for mining, Purchase and export for the countries of origin by the local legal and governmental authorities. We are Mining and purchasing Rough Gold in several localities in Western and Eastern Africa. Gold is purchased in several forms as sand, dust, nugget, bars and ingots. The purchases are always made upon full consignment, smelting and quality specification using fire Assay, Cupellation, specific gravity determination and Digital XRF Scanner.

After the quality determination, we pay using our Bank Accounts in Local Commercial banks. Whenever the payment is made, Our Esquire shall release the funds held on Escrow Account to re-charge our operational Accounts to be able to continue in purchases from local miners, communities and small scale mining associations.

Escrow Account is held in Nairobi Republic of Kenya this is to make sure all the transactions are made in both parties safely and accurate.

Whenever the Gold is purchased, we do the basic treatment for purity up to the actual location to deliver to MHM Refinery the highest possible quality. The sampling and testing is provided by MM laboratories management. We are now a couple of months using Dubai and Abu Dhabi UAE as the final destination for rough metals deliveries and refining processes made there is to all parties involved in trading satisfaction.

The relationship with refineries is maintained by Inspired General Trading LLc in Dubai UAE and its top management. Export and import clearing and handling is fully under IGT control. For security purposes we are contracting G4Si Dubai. Refineries we cooperate with are in UAE International Free Zones.

The details for possible suppliers are attached in our SPA draft.The details for possible investors willing and able to turn their money under short, middle and long term contractual conditions and profit on secured trading with precious metals are available please contact us.

How To Buy Gold Dust

If you do not have a lot of experience in buying gold nuggets then you should find the following information helpful. Be careful though. Once you hold a substantial sized nugget in your hand, you are susceptible to catching “Gold fever.” The symptoms of gold fever are clear, you want more gold. In this article, I will address the issue of how to safety buy gold nuggets and get a fair deal. If you would like additional information on the various types of Gold nuggets available, just click on the previous highlighted words and you will find another article about that.

First of all, make sure that you understand the weight measurements used to weigh gold. Natural gold nuggets are generally sold by weight. I say generally because very rare or unique gold nuggets will command such a high premium over spot or live gold prices, that the weight is not relevant to the pricing. Unless you are buying something so unique that the weight is irrelevant, you should never buy a nugget that does not clearly list the weight in grains or grams. Gold nuggets are measured using the troy and metric systems. The following weight are most relevant “penny weight” is sometimes also used but this can be confusing so there is really no reason to use it.