Diamond Stones

Diamond Stones



Last fall we speculated that a huge 507 – carat piece of rough diamond might sell for $30 million. The result was even bigger than anticipated. Diamonds announced that the stone sold for $ 35.3 million which was the highest sale price over for a rough stone, an impressive $ 69,557 per carat. Gold Eagle Africa bought the rock which has been given the preliminary name “ Cullinan Heritage” at a tender in South Africa. The stone is the 19th largest piece of rough diamond unearthed in history and is exceptional both in terms of size, colour and clarity.

It is believed that the buyers will seek to sell the stone in South Africa. The rough stone could yield a “D-flawless” clear polished stone of 170-180 carats, a stone which could sell at a huge price.

The diamond will be doubtlessly scrutinized by a team of expert cutters and also possible strategies will be mapped and modeled before the first cut is made, a process which generally takes several months.

Gold Eagle Africa is still considering what to do with the stone. Stones of  this size aren’t found too often and the company is taking its time and pursuing all angles before any potential sale. The company’s goal is obviously to get the biggest price for the stone but also to help make sure that the stone’s legend lives on. Unlike many small diamonds, large stones tend to carry the name of their source along with them; it’s hard to say what the carat count will be. Rough stones can lose half their carat weight in polishing.

Depending on the inclusions and other flaws that the diamond cutters will have to work around this could yield several substantial cut stones which could each go on to command their own multimillion price tags as they head down the supply South Africa.

Rough Diamonds

We source Rough Diamonds from several sub-Saharan countries for further cutting and polishing in our manufactories and facilities for our client. Our deliveries are made under Kimberly protocol terms and conditions by our licensed companies. Our gemologists are ready to examine and sort the rough stones according to the usual standards. Stones are transported upon all the export legalization and Royal tees payments by Brinks, Malca Amit or their appointed and authorized agencies to the final Destinations. The final destinations are Antwerp Belgium and Ramat Gan Israel mostly.

Rough Diamonds are traded in cash, in many occasions, we invite our
partners and clients to take part of the possible consignments and purchase under our assistance using all the security measures we are using obviously for ourselves.

Polished Diamonds

We are trading polished diamond, certified by recognized Certification Authorities as GIA, GLI, HRD and other. Our client choice from our stock held in Prague, Czech Republic, Antwerp Belgium and Ramat Gan Israel.


Collectible and special rare diamond, rough or polished are sold under special management using our connection to Gem Tech Lab Geneva Swizerland and its’ management upon special appraisal, using Escrow Account at Viamatcare in Kloten Swizerland or their Geneva deposit facility. Conditions are based on special database of collectors and special investors looking for rare occasional investments. We are also cooperating with Christies and Sotheby Auction Hall to place the collectibles into Auction.

Diamond Sorting And Evaluation  

The first sorting is made at the time of out come from the mine or at the time of purchase. Results are mostly double checked by independent gemology expert. In case we export rough diamond to our cutting and polishing facility in Antwerp the second sorting and evaluation is made there. If the stones have to be delivered to our clients, the next sorting and evaluation is made at the country of origin and the buyers should come with their gemology expert. After the price settlement is done, the stones are certified by the KP Officers of the country of origin for further export and our management arranges the export formalities.

For sorting and evaluation we use usual gemological equipments.


Our processing activities are limited to copper ore Concentration, Copper Blisters, Copper Anodes and copper cathodes processing and manufacturing, than rough Gold concentration. Rough Gold bar production, Gold Bullion and investments Gold bar production. Using several factories and refineries in DRC, Tanzania, Czech Republic and United Arab Emirates.

Diamond processing is presently made in Antwerp-Belgium.

Our partners in processing sector are Canada, Brazil, Australia, Russia Federation, Israel, Austria, Sweden, Saud Arabia, Bahrain, Thailand, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and United Kingdom.