Copper Cathodes

At Gold Eagle Africa, we sell copper cathodes. Our copper is the best and deal in large scale copper cathode production. At present we are able to offer 2 grades of electrolytic copper cathodes which are produced in sheets. Our volume capacity is up to 2,000 MT per month or 500MT per week. Minimum order is 25MT.


We offer LME non-registered production of DRC and Zambia refineries under specific terms and conditions. Cathodes are sold including full range of services door to door and we can satisfy only limited sector of buyers as we are obligated to refineries to support them with the copper ore and finance their production. Whoever thinks we can do it without prepayments from our buyers is out of our possibilities. We are focused to buyers they are mostly end users , as there is very limited space for traders who cannot afford to pay the products in steps as described in our FCO.

Cathodes products in DRC are after inspection in refinery warehouse loaded in on train or trucks and transported to Kapiri Mposhi to Tazara Train Station. They are inspected again. Using the Railway they arrive to Dar es Salaam preferable or Durban. They are discharged under our customs inspections directly at the shipping yard and after quality inspection, loaded into shipping containers. Containers are charged on the board.

Cathodes produced in Zambia are transported from Refineries to the nearest Train Station and follow the same way as in case of cathodes from DRC origin.

Part of production is ready to leave the warehouse in Lusaka, mostly Manica bonded warehouses or another destination in Zambia. The physical and quality control is on the highest level to protect our buyers’ interest and our good name. All the transactions are under supervision of our special Armored Squad.

All the payments are made through Escrow Account in Nairobi Republic of Kenya.

We are able to provide different dimensions and weight because of different forms we can use. The chemical composition will of course remain the same.

Copper cathodes, cu 99.98 % min .,LME non-registered FULL COOPERATE OFFER

  1. Commodity: copper cathodes, Cu 99.98% min. Rejection below 99.95%
  2. Dimension: varies between 900mm x 900mm x 12mm to 1200mm x 1200mm x 40mm. Approximate weigh of each sheet varies between 100 kg to 140kg ( +1%). Net weight of each pallet: 2MT ( + 1%) approximately.
  3. Packaging : Banded by a minimum of four steel or aluminium bands per pallet. Shipment is made in: 20 foot containers which take 25MT each ( + 1MT).
  4. Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo.
  5. Loading Port: Durban, South Africa / Preferable Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.
  6. Chemical Composition: Given Below.
  7. First shipment: 500 M/T (trial shipment)
  8. Monthly Quantity: 1,000 M/TX 12 months
  9. Price: pre-payments in installments, final discount 15% less LME price of the day per M/T with delivery to final port of discharge minus 1% of LME Price in form of processing Fee to be paid to Escrow Account.
  10. Payment Installments:
    – 1% of LME Price Fee to Escrow Account in Nairobi Republic of Kenya,
    – 11% of Purchase Price at bonded warehouse in Lusaka,
    – 12 % of Purchase Price at Dar es Salaam Shipping yard warehouse,
    – 57% of Purchase Price upon Bill of Loading,
    – 20% of Purchase Price at Final Port

Work terms:

The above price is CIF any Deep Sea Port worldwide with partial payments.
Destinations: to be nominated by the buyer.


Alfred H. Knight or Equivalent at Seller’s Cost at Refinery Warehouse DRC, Bonded warehouse Lusaka and Durban/ Dar-es- Salaam Port. Prior loading, MM Laboratories Physical inspection at any point whenever the goods is moving or manipulated.
We do accept another quantity and quality inspection at destination by an international Assay company appointed by buyer at his cost before payment.


By 20 Feet Containers.


First delivery of 500 M/T and thereafter 1,000 MT per month x 12

  1. Buyer and seller signs this FCO, stamp it and send it to each other through electronic mail. They will change original copies face
  2. Upon FCO acceptance and modifications acceptance by LOI issued by Buyer, Seller will provide Buyer with Sell and Purchase Agreement Draft
  3. After both sides agree SPA Draft, the hard SPA Agreement is signed in counterparts and the originals are delivered to each party in signed and stamped form using the PDF format and electronic transmission
  4. Buyer shall appoint his representative to arrive to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to assist with the financial and technical matters in conclusion with the meaning of SPA.
  5. At the time of SPA execution, Buyer shall wire the amount of1% value for the first shipment ordered and agreed to be delivered by SPA as first tranche.
  6. Buyer will appoint his representative to sign Escrow Account Agreement in Nairobi Republic of Kenya and open banking facility in Dar es Salaam to be able operate account for purchase
  7. Buyer shall wire the amount necessary to pay the contractual portions of price accordingly to the payment schedule
  8. Upon banking confirmation the budget is available, Seller shall specify the contract in his Refinery in DRC resp. Refinery representative office in Lusaka, Zambia to deliver the goods to agreed destination.
  9. Seller shall provide Buyer with the physical existence verification protocol issued in Lusaka Warehouse as well as the quality inspection Protocol
  10. Buyer shall provide the payments of the payment portions accordingly to the contractual condition in volume of 11% to be paid to Seller Account in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Barclay’s Bank Tanzania at the time the goods will be ready for transport from Lusaka Warehouse. The payment shall be made upon Commercial Invoice issued by Seller and Certificate of Quality ,Physical Inspection Certificate and export customs documents
  11. Seller shall arrange and provide a secured transportation to the Sea Port for stuffing and shipment loading
  12. Upon inspection made in presence of Buyer’s representative using the acceptable Assay Authorities and confirmation of the export documents by customs and clearing Agency, Seller shall pay upon set of documents issued for export by adequate institution and commercial invoice issued by seller the amount equal to 12% of the nominal value of goods ready for export Gold Eagle Africa.
  13. Upon Bill of Lading confirmed by the shipping Line authorities, Buyer shall pay the amount equal to the 57% of the face value of the goods to Seller’s Account based on the Commercial Invoice and hard copy of the Bill of Lading
  14. Seller will provide Buyer with the tracking coordinated of the shipping line on line network system.
  15. Buyer shall appoint any recognized Quality testing authority at the port of Destination to check the quality and issue the Certificate of Quality to confirm the goods delivered is identical to the goods shipped by the Seller.
  16. Upon the Certificate of Quality and final commercial invoice issued by Seller , buyer shall wire the remaining balance of 20% of the face value of delivered goods to the Seller Account
  17. Upon final payment confirmation, seller shall provide Buyer with full set of Bill of Loading confirming the change of ownership to Buyer.
  18. The same construction shall take place in case Buyer will be able to pay the whole remaining balance at the port of loading and will take own arrangements for goods shipping and delivery to his final destination.

Loading and will take own arrangement for goods shipping and delivery to his final destination.

The documents exchange is possible hand to hand or via electronic transition using the PDF format.
Buyer’s representatives are welcome to Port of Loading Destination to assist with stuffing and provide the proportional wire Transfers from their corporate accounts to Seller corporate Account accordingly.
The quality testing and Assay Lab are up to choice of Buyer’s representatives.
Loading into the vessel shall be using the acceptable shipping lines operating the warehouses in Port of Loading.

Quantity of goods:

  • The unit of measurement in this contract is metric tons of weight (MTW). Months are calendar Months according to the Gregorian calendar.
  • Quantity of each shipment is in MTW (+/- 5%).
  • The goods will be delivered within 30 days after the Buyer’s L/C acceptance by the Seller’s bank or 20 days after the Buyer’s Bank Account will be credited for purchase and payments.
  • The initial quality of goods, specified by Refinery Assay Lab. Certificate will be confirmed on a certificate issued by anindependent international survey Company or Government Laboratory at Lusaka, Zambia.
  • Weight for invoicing purposes shall be established by the actual net weight. Weight franchise of 0.5% shall be allowed compare to Bill of Lading weight. · In case short/over weight exceeds +/- 5% the Seller/Buyer shall compensate Buyer/Seller for the Amount excluding the franchise on the basis of contracted price.
  • The Electrolytic Copper Cathodes shall conform to LME (BS6017) Standards and Specifications in Appendix hereto.
  • The quality of the goods will be confirmed by a certificate issued by an independent international survey company or Government Laboratory which shall be binding on both parties in all respects, including, but, not limited to the replacement of Faulty goods paid for by the Seller.


Electrolytic Copper Cathodes LME non registered, Cu 99.98% min. Rejection below 99.95%

Shipping documents:

  1. Signed Commercial Invoice 3 Originals and 3 Copies.
  2. Complete set of (3/3) Marine Bill of Lading by International Shipping Company Marked “Clean on Board”.
  3. Certificate of Origin from Congo
  4. Export Permit from the country of origin – Democratic Republic of Congo
  5. Inspection Certificate for Quality from OCC (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  6. Title for the goods will pass from Seller to the Buyer upon clearance of funds into the Seller’s account by Means of agreed negotiable documents.

Documents required for payment:

  1. The Seller shall provide with the shipment a full set (3/3) Clean on Board Ocean Bill of Lading signed by an Authorized representative of an Ocean Liner, signed by the Master and showing vessel’s stamp and showing “CLEAN ON BOARD“.
  2. Commercial invoice issued by seller: 3 originals and 3 original copies showing Contract Number, description of goods, pieces of bundles of goods, unit price, total amount, gross/net weights of the goods
  3. Quality certificate issued by OCC: showing the quality and all required by chemical structure as shown in Appendix hereto of the goods according to the present content
  4. Original certificate of origin issued by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country of export: 1 original and 3 copies.

We, as Seller do agree about all the points written above and we shall put it in the Draft Contract and Buyer shall provide us with the LOI signed and stamped by its legal representative.