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Simon Hadfield

Non-Executive Chairman

Email: ceo@goldeagleafrica.com

He is the Non-Executive chairman of the company. He began  trading in mineral inputs and equipments and In 1978  acquired a mine unit . In 1980 he commenced international intermediary trade corporations. Post 1986, he pioneered the concept of  secure delivery in Africa. He has received many awards and accolades for outstanding work in mining including the prestigious joint Government Regional award instituted by East African Governments, for  significant contribution to the industry,3 honorary doctorates have been conferred on him from different universities acknowledging path breaking work he has done for improvement of mining in Africa. He holds a graduate degree in commerce from pune university,India. In 1993 he became Director and was responsible for corporate Administration, Corporate image and relationships ,Events management, personnel / Human resource Development, communication, public relations, Art and publicity.

Ryan Woodhouse

Managing Director

Email: md@goldeagleafrica.com

Has been the managing director of the company since 1993. He has commerce degree from pune university and law degree from Mumbai university. He joined management team in 1994 and was in charge of UK based marketing operations. Mr Ryan Woodhouse has an extensive background and experience in finance, export marketing, international business relations, collaboration and Joint ventures. Ryan Woodhouse brings in experience in mineral exploration and development of prospects. Experienced also in transportation of bulk supplies and heavy equipment within Africa for both mineral exploration and mining sectors, and other industries. He has strong understanding of Africa regional concepts, including geological trends.

He brings in hands-on experience in managing exploration projects offered from green-fields to advanced resource definition drill out. Has management mineral exploration methods including geological mapping; soil geochemistry; airborne geophysics; core drilling, cutting and logging. The experience is gained from Kenya, Angola, Uganda, South Sudan, and DR Congo. Provides technical, management, and logistical services for mineral exploration. Work includes exploration for copper, chrome, gold, barite, and has capability of exploring any other mineral. Work done in Kenya, Uganda, Angola, South Sudan and DR Congo. Mineral exploration services include, lease holder introductions; pegging, planning work programme, undertaking soil and rock sampling programmes for geological mapping and geochemical and packaging and dispatching for assaying; recruitment of staff and set up of knowledge management instruments. Construction of transportable accommodation buildings for south kivu Mining in the DRC, and transported them from Kenya to DRC by road. Skilled in customs regulations and processes of various African countries. Together with technical and logistical staff also has the capability of providing oil field logistical services.

Marchenzie Goldsmith


Email: marchenzie@goldeagleafrica.com

Studied at Lomonosov Moscow state academy of fine chemical technology (MITHT) expert in rough diamonds and precious metals mining and processing,precious metals refinery ,diamonds mining, trading, cutting and polishing, polished diamonds wholesale, jewelry production, non ferrous metals mining and processing, gemstones mining and trading, mining ,processing for minerals, gold refining, Diamonds cutting an polishing, metals refinery ,mineralogical and petrological chemical analysis, geological services, mining Equipment supplies, mining management investment, cooperative farming, cooperative mining, financial services for mining and ore processing sector , has 34 years experience in the mining industry.

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