Mining Sites

Mining Sites

Gold Eagle Africa works hand in hand with the local communities in the following mining sites in DRC:
  1. North Kivu: Walikale, Mangdredjipa, Mununze.
  2. South Kivu: Three sites in Kalene, and mining sites in Kamitunga and Lugushwa, Biraha, Mushinga, and several sites near Fizi.
  3. Maniema: Saramabila, Bikenge, Kampene, Kamanyola, Matumba.
  4. Orientale: Several sites in and around Iga-barriere, Mabanga and Panga

Local miners in the eastern DRC have not benefited from notable improvements in the broader economic and security context which include the establishment of peace in most mining areas, Record breaking Gold prices on world markets; and the restructuring of government agencies, partly supported by international community, to increase the supervision and enforcement of laws in all mining areas.

While most of the local miners no longer fear homicidal militias, they are now confronted with hordes of corrupt government officials, functionaries and law enforcement or security personnel, who all wrest illegal taxes and fees from the local miners-in addition to straight bribes –without delivering any meaningful services in return .The situation is exacerbated by wide spread ignorance of the laws in force.

The local mining communities of the Kivus, Maniema and Orientale are in the grip of a historic Gold rush, complete with all the classic symptoms –chaotic migrations poor sanitary and health conditions, dangerous mine excavation techniques resulting in frequent fatalities , Increasing criminal exploitation of the entire process and incalculable environmental cost.

With an estimated 30 Million ounces of gold In Eastern Drc, mining communities should be thriving but instead they are being torn apart by poverty, abuse, alcoholism, and violence, which are destroying community and family structures and leaving many people in a perpetual state of near-starvation.our company main responsibility is to seek investment through the sales of products by this mining communities and ensure developmental projects like good Schools, Hospitals and Roads is provided back to the communities.