Hand Carry Procedures – DXB

Hand Carry Procedures – DXB

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY TO AVOID ANY PROBLEMSWhen entering Dubai with impure gold for refining it must be declared to customs, there is a 5% tax duty to be paid and it is an offence to enter without declaring your metal to the appropriate officials.

NOTE: If the passenger contacts us with their copy passport, visa and flight ticket at least 24hrs prior to departure, we will arrange a ‘meet and greet’ in association with Marhaba Services. They will meet the passenger from the plane upon arrival, and will subsequently escort them through customs to exit with an option to assist the passenger in declaring their goods. There is a small charge for this service. Gold Eagle Africa staff will then be waiting to collect you at exit.

Here is the likely scenario for entry otherwise;

1. Passenger disembarks the flight with goods in-hand and proceeds to passport control.

2. If Passport Control inquires to the nature of the visit passenger declares he is hand carrying precious metal for refining.

3. Passport Control should process the passenger’s identification documents and passenger proceeds to luggage retrieval area to collect other belongings.

4. An X-ray machine is set up between passport control and the baggage area, again, if officials ask to see the metal then the passenger should comply.

5. Upon retrieving luggage proceed towards the exit where there will be two exit options with signs posted “Something to Declare” or “Nothing to Declare”.

6. Passenger should proceed to the “Something to Declare” line and identify the shipment to officials

7. Please be sure passenger can produce a certificate of origin and a commercial invoice.
If the documents are in a language other than English then there is a security deposit of 1000AED charged by Dubai Customs. This is refunded upon departure.

8. If the precious metal is in Dore or bar form the passenger should be able to proceed to the exit after inspection.

9. If the material is Gold dust/nuggets the passenger will be directed to the Terminal Value Customs area and declare the material to the Desk Official.

10. The desk official will review the documents and material and insist you take a small sample of the material to a local assayer for assay confirmation.

11. The balance of material will be sealed up and locked up by customs at the terminal.

12. Passenger is then free to exit the airport with the sample.

13. Contact our Sales Manager Mr. Pablo Mapapa @ pablomapapa@goldeagleafrica.com during regular business hours and they will arrange to test the sample and produce a letter for customs confirming assay if required. Otherwise please give advance details of flight number and arrival time and our trained staff will meet you and escort you from the terminal building with security.

14. That letter must be presented by the passenger to the Desk Official, pay 50 AED for processing fees and the balance of the material will be released and the passenger can move the material to the refinery for processing.

15. We cannot help the passenger during any portion of this clearing procedure while he is in the airport secure area (unless Marhaba Service is pre-arranged).

16. The Commercial Invoice in a hand carry scenario should be made out to the passenger directly and NOT to Gold Eagle Africa.

17. Commercial invoice should include the following information:

• Description of the contents (Dust, Nuggets, Dore, etc.)

• Net weight of the contents

• Gross weight of the shipment

• Value of the contents

• Description of the container(s)

• The consigner and consignee

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