Precious Mineral Trading

Gold is our main trading commodity. We organize the sale of gold for the remelting of 96% quality to refineries where gold is remelted to the quality of investment gold of 999.95 and higher. We also trade in gold already remelted to investment quality. We can offer very good percentage discounts from LBMA.

We deliver gold for remelting at CIF delivery to the buyer’s airport duty free zone. In our gold trading we are using escrow account held in Nairobi,Republic of kenya, our notaries advocates are responsible for all contracts with our investors to make sure all the transactions are made in both parties safely and accurate.

We also trade on other precious commodities like, rough diamonds and copper cathodes.

The safety of our clients will always be a priority for our company. We source all our gold in accordance with the highest ethical and responsible sourcing framework outlined in OECD and provide the most efficient and competitive terms to our suppliers. Buyers can be sure that we present them a reliable and good partner.