• Laboratory Services

    All the materials we process trade and mine are researched, tested, smelted, assayed and certified by our MM laboratories, we are using lab which are established on permanent point s and also portable or mobile laboratories.

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  • Mining Projects

    The actual mining projects are for copper Ore, Gold and Diamond mining, there are several activities we do indirectly as we serve other mining facilities on expertise level and provide them with the mining tools and equipment support.

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  • Security

    Our operation requires a specific measure to take care of our funding, safe transportation, personal security assistance, valuable cargo deliveries, special safe keeping and handling at the International Airport. Our security squad is recruited from former military.

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  • Import And Export Services

    All goods we export from the countries of origin we provide with full export documentations . The usual term for full export documentation takes 4-5 days. We do not let any stranger touch our goods till end up to the final destination. Materials are certified.

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  • Refining Services

    In special occasions, we provide our clients with refining services, but limited by installed and explored capacity of each refinery we are in partnership or under contract. Refining services we use to provide in Tanzania are not available for now. 

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  • Safety Services

    For physical safety were are under protection by Maritime SVS Squad , for geopolitical risks management there are no real instrument except adequate behavior to avoid any conflict. Some times it does not help and we have to use another mode of safety services.

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  • Special Cargo Delivery

    In case of necessity, we are able to deliver any kind of valuable cargo from any recognized Airport to final destination Worldwide. Our contractual Air-cargo partners are able to provide us or our clients with charter flights worldwide.

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  • Electronic Proof of Delivery

    Gold Eagle Africa delivery service is the missing link to your uninterrupted supply chain. A Tier-1 automotive carrier, our 24 hours state of the art dispatch center successfully manages thousands of monthly expedited shipments, with precision and diligence.

  • Transportation Solutions

    Our customers entrust us to move their freight undamaged and on time every time. Premium service commands premium rates and at Gold Eagle Africa Ltd, we hire only the best professional drivers in the industry.

  • Automated Shipment Updates

    We use only the latest model units that pass monthly inspections under vigorous maintenance programmes, helping eliminate breakdowns. Our national back up system ensures on time delivery.